Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hanging With the Kewl Kids

Last night we attended the first annual Chix with Stix Tournament. It is a charity pool tournament/education seminar to raise money for and awareness of ovarian cancer.

I spent much of the night discovering that many long-lost buddies were attending and playing.

I watched a familiar looking dude wander around with a video camera and I wondered where I knew him from until he stopped nearby to speak with one of the event coordinators and I heard his English accent. Then we had a weird round-about conversation where I introduced him to Jason's daughter and it turned out she had been photographed by his wife, Leigh, for Skirt!, which was one of the sponsors of the event.

Then I ran into a couple of my buddies from the writing group I used to attend regularly, got all the updates. Someone got hitched, someone gotta boyfriend! (Extra happy about that one!)

Then I got ever so politely asked by one of the most awesome women I've ever had the privilege to call friend to go back this morning and sit in on the seminar she was giving on "How to Communicate with Your Doctor". I think I managed not to embarrass myself.

It was a ton of fun and if you missed it this year, they are planning to make this an annual event.

Thor sez: Waaaaaaaahhhh! I wanted to go toooooooooo!

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