Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not Always a Bitch

Karma that is. She gets a bad rap sometimes. But this morning, she was good to me. I awoke to find the giant puddle that has been on the street in front of my house evaporated, visible only by the residual mud. The plumber I called showed up on time, was very nice, did what ever plumbers do and found no evidence of a leak on my side. He offered to dig up the yard and look, but with the water puddle having evaporated overnight, I was comfortable watching it for a few more days. He thinks that there was a leak on their side but something someone did yesterday must of have fixed it. Then he didn't even want any money for coming out to look!

Maybe when I go to work tonight, I won't get out of breath walking down the hall. A girl can hope.

Two for Tuesday presents:
Clash of the Titans!

Note: there is cat nip on the newspaper. Thor gets a little stingy with the nip.

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