Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Know I Should Be Ironing Shirts or Something...

but could some-one please -pretty please with sugar on top - tell that impossibly phony plastic political parody of rich white man in charge Mitt Romney to stop referring to his rankings in the primary/caucus races as "silvers" or "golds"?

They are not trophies to prop up your ego and money making machine, Mitt, they are the votes that represent real American citizens who have decided to place their trust in you. It is demeaning to your supporters to relegate them to the status of a thing.

And while you are at it, Mr. Perfect Plasti-man, can some-one teach you how to answer a question? I mean, like use the words "yes" or "no"? I've not heard you give an answer to one single question put to you, you merely twist the meaning around (many times breathtakingly so) so that you can give your preplanned Plasti-man speech. You don't even seem to notice or care that the words that come out of your mouth have nothing to do with the question you were asked.

Don't you get it yet? That is precisely what voters are voting against this go round. Toss out the hair dye and the giant economy sized bucket of hair gel. Prick your puffed up ego with a pin and get real.

For Pete's Sake.

Loki sez: Yes, Mr. Romney, saying that every child deserves a mother and a father sure tugs at the heart strings, because, dang it, who doesn't think two loving parents are in a child's best interest. But just how will you accomplish this as president? And will accomplishing the establishment of two parent homes in America take precedence over ending the Iraq War, stopping the hemorrhage of American jobs to other countries, the middle class disintegrating before our very eyes, repealing tax cuts for the wealthy and giving them to the middle class or fixing our very broken education system?

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