Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Last night, I arrived at work to discover a wonderful new contest - H&R Block is giving away a goodie basket for the last baby born in 2007. How neat is that! There were also bibs for babies born on 12/31 that said "I'm a new tax deduction".

I thought it was cool.

I haven't heard (possible because I just woke up ten minutes ago) where the first baby was born in the county. We had one in the first hour, but it is hard to beat MUSC.

There are fixings for hoppin' john, ham and collards in the kitchen, so we will have an abbreviated traditional New Year's Day supper. Abbreviated because sleep and a requirement to return to work at 7pm tend to put a squeeze on time.

Vulcan Loki performs the mind meld: Ham. You will feed it to us. Now!

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