Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Friends Are Funny

Yesterday, we were heading out to vote when I got a phone call from a friend. She was at work and since we live in the same district, she wanted me to report voting conditions so she could plan to leave work and go vote. When you work 7am to 7pm, your place of employment has to allow you time to vote.

First funny thing she said was, "Everyone else here has already voted."

Snicker. It's lonely being blue in a red state.

Second funny thing she said was, "Call me back and tell me how long the lines are."

Double snicker. In our lily white, middle to upper income district? And the other districts combined at our polling site were even more lily white and more upper income?

I walked in, showed them my voting card, signed the paper, got a pass, got escorted to a machine, voted, waited for Jason, went home. Took me longer to type that.

By the way, it's Loki Sunday.

Loki sez: Diet food????

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