Sunday, January 13, 2008


Like the bloated, reeking corpse of the good ole boy system, JGA floats to the surface in today's Post & Courier.

"Reminded why

The Hillary Clinton of today reminds a lot of men of why they're really glad they didn't marry someone like her 30 years ago.

John Graham Altman

Folly Road"

What kind of woman would that be, when-Johnnie-comes-marching-home-again? Highly intelligent? Competent? Ambitious?

No matter what you may think of her politics, she is an accomplished human being. See, Johnny, let me let you in on a secret - many men, real men who are completely sure of themselves, actually like smart, accomplished, successful and ambitious women.

Can I find the words to express how glad I am that I didn't marry someone like him?

Thor sez: That smells worse than my litter box!


Pat said...

Gag me. Does he kiss his wife with that mouth?

Pam said...

Wow. Missed that one. I guess when all else fails, write something mean and stupid. How much longer does JGA have in office? Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Well, you do have to know what you are dealing with in JGA! It's old, but read this re his defense of 'cockfighting vs. domestic violence'!
Just 'google' for more outrages. But, it's one of the 'charms' of the South - (for those who don't know, I am not on Janetlee's Yankee side of the tree) the more someone 'outside the family' points out the insanity inside, the more the family rallies around the insane! So many people in SC LOVE him! Unfortunately, he speaks for many.
Auntie Anon

JanetLee said...

He is no longer in office for which I am profoundly grateful because he was my representative (gag and double gag me).

Auntie Anon - I know all too well his stand on many issues. I was, frankly, embarassed to have him represent me. He is a cliche - fat, racist, mysogynistic, homo- and xenophobic.

Anonymous said...

Out of sync, should be added to your "labels" post regarding voting for Hillary as a feminist (see my post there if interested) but another thought: Perhaps we (women) need to vote for her in order to counter all the people who are against her just because she is a woman!