Saturday, January 05, 2008

Begin the Resolutions!

Resolutions begun:

Make the room-formerly-known-as-Danny's/junk room habitable. (Jason carried the boxes to the attic, we've swept, extensively vacuumed the rug stored in there, moved furniture. It is now fit for a human to inhabit.)

Vitamins and supplements. Daily, not whenever you think about it.

Start transitioning bill paying to on-line paying. The 21st century: deal with it.

Exercise. It's a good thing.

And my most ambitious goal: Put 10% of my paycheck (gross, not net) into savings every single pay day. And as I can do that on-line as well, I really have no excuse other than not wanting to do the little bit of belt tightening required.

Loki sez: My resolution: more naps!

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