Monday, January 28, 2008

Stress Test?

How is this for a stress test?

Go to bank to resolve a "final notice and we're going to ruin your credit" issue with the company that manages my bank's loans. Problem: they say I've dropped the bank as lein holder on the car's insurance. Thought I had it solved by having my insurance company fax a copy of the policy. Get final notice. My bank, the wonderful place that they are, solved it for me with one phone call.

Get home to realize that front yard is a boggy mess with water collecting in the street. Call Charleston Water System. Have company that installed new meters show up, pump water out of the meter, tell me it isn't the meter and I have to recall CWS. Call CWS, explain it all again.

Have CWS truck show up just as I am leaving for my cardiology appointment.

Get to Mount Pleasant. Find doctor's office dark and locked. Call doctor's office. Have them tell me a lie about how they tried to call me this morning but my answering machine must not be working. Spend twenty minutes trying to get another appointment and trying to make the lady understand that I'm a new patient and I really don't' give a flying fig who I see, I just want to be seen before I go into V-fib and die one day.

Drive back home to find a horribly ungrammatical note on my front door from CWS saying that the leak is on MY side of the meter, so I have to fix it. (Funny, the sogginess is all on the street side.)

Get inside and find three messages, one at 2:30pm from someone at work saying the cardiologist's office had called there looking for me, the second at 2:40 from the cardiologist's office saying they were cancelling my 3:00 appointment (for which they had asked me to come in a half an hour early to fill out paperwork, which was why I was knocking on their locked door at 2:30 instead of answering phone calls at home). The third message was from me, testing my answering service to make sure BellSouth..... I mean A&TT....hadn't had some sort of technical problems.

Call the plumber I got a recommendation for and arrange for him to come out tomorrow to confirm the location of the water leak.

My heart is sort of going thump...swishity....thump, thump....swishity. That can't be good?

I'm going to go sit with Loki and have him lower my blood pressure.

Loki: Okay, but it's gonna cost ya!


Heather said...

Ugh, I'm sorry your day was so rough.

Uncle Zoloft said...

Dear Honey,
I want to pull out my hair reading your post!!!!
Pet you kitties - count to 10 in - and just think the word "think" on a 10 count out.

I'm so with you. Now is a dangerous time. I'm so happy to hear you helped with the twins. Those boys are our future - their parents are excellent humans.