Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thor's Day!

Okay, if y'all will stop breeding like rabbits out there, perhaps I won't have to work any more seven - yes that is SEVEN - night shifts in a row. Three 12 hour shifts, one 8 hour, three 12 hours.

I have proven to myself that I am no longer a young person. I am old. Too old for this bologna.

And Thor is soooo mad at me.

Thor sez: I'm not mad at you. You no longer exist to me. How can I be mad at someone who doesn't exist?

As I told the day shift, I've got a date with a hot bath and a vicodin.

Thor sez: Don't expect me to play life guard for you!

I felt so bad about barely seeing them for the better part of the week, I broke out the good nip.

Thor sez: Yippee! Can we play rubber duckies? And have bubbles?

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