Sunday, August 17, 2008

Loki Sunday

Yesterday, we went to the Animal Planet Expo. I was going to wear my Barack Obama "Got Hope" t-shirt, but Jason pointed out that the event was going to be in Ladson. 'Nuff said.

It was mainly geared for little kidlets, so there wasn't much to do except pout that I couldn't have a serval cat:

And stand in the sweltering humidity (it was cloudy and not that hot, but the humidity was oppressive even for August) only to find that the line we were in led to a tent full of kittens up for adoption.

I wailed my usual wail, heard mostly after Jason returns from Pet Smart with cell phone pictures of the kittens for adoption there:

"Why do you show me kitties I can't have?"

I would gladly take in two more cats. I've almost always had four cats at a time.

But I can't.

Because of Loki.

He absolutely will not tolerate another feline in the house. We tried. It was ugly.
Loki sez:

I tolerate the smelly one.

I love my brother.

I endure my mommy's insanity.

I miss my Uncle Sutu.

But there will be no more felines.


Anonymous said...

If you got a serval, there wouldn't be a problem, of course, there wouldn't be a Loki, either! And we can't have that! Did they have any Savannahs?

JanetLee said...

No Savannah Cats. I've dreamed and drooled over the Savannahs before. They are gorgeous animals.