Monday, August 11, 2008

Things That Go Hmmmmm

I've been observing the hummingbirds. The cheap ($3.00) plastic tawdry red and yellow feeder that I purchased, which is now on the defunct yard lamp post is the territory of Mr. Hummingbird (red throat confirmed with binoculars and you'll just have to take my word for it because my camera isn't up to the zooming task).

The beautiful copper feeder with hand crafted flowers of the most delicate shade of red that Jason bought is closer to the front windows and is the home of Mrs. Hummingbird.

Now, both the feeders hold at least two cups of nectar. We put in less than that due to the hot weather, because we refresh the nectar every other day or so. There is probably enough nectar for a couple hundred hummingbirds.

But you'd think it was going to all disappear any second. Mr. and Mrs. Hummingbird spend much of their time chasing away another hummingbird couple (I assume it is a couple as they have not been able to land for even a millisecond for me to look at them with the binoculars). The other couple wouldn't even come close to eating enough nectar to make such energy expenditures worthwhile.

But it is theirs and no other shall have it, not even a taste.

Who'd've thunk it? Hummingbirds are Richie Riches. Sitting on top of a treasure and they begrudge even the tiniest of fractions of it being used to support Front Yard Land.

That sort of thing is left for the poor middle class sparrows, having to stand in line and struggle for their scraps of food, which even then, they share willingly with the chickadees and cardinals and titmouses and woodpeckers and mockingbirds.

Thor sez: Silly human, sharing is for the little birdies. Asking big birdies to share is socialism.

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Marcheline said...

My mom, who lives in Marshville, NC, called yesterday and told me that her hummingbird feeders are absolutely swarmed lately. Dogfights galore.

She said for a while there the birds weren't coming around at all, and the sugar water was going rancid - so she stopped filling her feeders.

Then, all of a sudden they're back in droves!

I've seen the occasional hummingbird in my garden, but the one time I tried to put up a feeder, it just got clogged with black ants and I was so grossed out I gave up.

Cool pix!

- M