Friday, August 01, 2008


Did we fall into a time machine or something? Is it the 30's all over again? Is this an American value? Threats? Intimidation?

Wow, are these managers going to be punished if a Democrat wins?

Jason can explain this much better but the American worker has been screwed without benefit of Vaseline these past years.

Jobs sent overseas. Top brass gets tax breaks for doing it.

American worker productivity at an all time high. American worker wages declining against inflation while CEO's rake in record profits.

American workers laid off from full time positions. Offered part time, but no health insurance, no vacation, no sick time.

It ain't right.

Loki sez: Something stinks and it ain't the litter box!

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Sansan said...

My thoughts exactly...when does it end? Still, I stay optimistic. Signed- "a casualty to lay-off"