Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

The only thing I love more than receiving a surprise is giving one. So some lucky reader out there in constant reader land is getting a surprise.

No, I can't say who or what, for Pete's sake!

I did, however, receive a bit of a surprise this morning. Whilst perusing the various Internet news sites, I heard a thump at the window. A common enough occurrence, but when I went to check to make sure there wasn't an injured bird laying out there, I noticed that the yard was completely deserted and silent.

Then I noticed the hawk sitting on the electric wires. Rut-roh. It looked to be a young Red tailed Hawk, but he flew away before I could get the binoculars out to take a better look.

I put out a giant chunk of compressed corn/peanut/sunflower squirrel feed on the lawn to try to encourage the squirrels to stay out of the bird feeder.
I'm assuming the happy romping of three merry squirrels chasing each other around is what attracted the hawk.

I'll move it out back under the oak tree where they can have a little cover, but the raccoon will just drag it away during the night. Raccoons are some greedy little buggers who do not like to share.

And I learned something new. You need to buy hummingbird feeders with bee baffles or else the bees just congregate there and the hummingbirds can't/won't feed. Now, I'm all for feeding the bees also, but they need to share.

And for a Loki surprise yesterday, he found a new little friend.

Loki sez: Does this bird-brain not realize there is a ferocious predator only inches away?


Marcheline said...

When's my surprise comin'? When? Huh? When is it?

- M

Anonymous said...

Ha! I got the surprise, at least I think it was the one referred to here. A lovely little book on the history of a subdivision of Charleston where I used to live. Can't wait to go through it, who knows, maybe even the house(s) I lived in will be there. THANKS!!! Auntie Anon

JanetLee said...

Auntie Anon, you are very welcome. My favorite "memory" from thumbing through the pages was from a picture of a school bus parked in front of a house. I had forgotten that way back in the old days, high school seniors could drive the school buses as a part time job. Our driver was Benjy Hoover, and did we little ninth graders swoon over his mane of hair and surfer's tan!