Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I'm considering changes. Big changes. My life has become so comfortable, so routine, so stable.

So boring.

On the five year plan is a move. A big move.

We are looking at Vermont.

On the planning board is a change in career.

I'm too old and too tired for what I am expected to do.

That is just a fact.

But it may have to wait for the significant downsizing that moving will entail.

The Boyz say: Really? You are going to put us in a car and drive us over a thousand miles to Vermont when you can barely drive us 40 miles to the vet and back without major disruptions in the harmony of your home?


Connie said...

Sleeping pills are your friends. I drove my 2 cats 1498 miles across the country ... twice ... four years apart. Somehow we all survived, though I hope to never repeat the experience.

Anonymous said...

Don't sell - don't quit; rent, take a leave of absence, keep the door open and don't close your options to return, try it for a while and, if you like it, make it permanent. Relocation is hard, be sure you are going to a place - not away from another place.

OK, so you might have to drive the boys both ways, but hey, the return trip should be easy!

Heather said...

I'll be in denial even as the door on the moving van slams shut

JanetLee said...

Leave of absence. For a nurse. I once asked if it was even possible and my old boss said, "It'd be better if you just quit."

That's why it is on the five year plan. We are researching. We will be both moving away and moving to something that is very important to both of us.

Looking at Vermont, Virginia, Asheville, Maryland. Could probably have settled on Flagstaff, AZ if I could speak Spanish.

Anonymous said...

You don't really have to speak Spanish to live in Flag - and they have a great university there so you could study it if necessary. They all sound good in their own right, but Vermont is SOOO cold! Be sure to try out a winter there before making it permanent. And, as far as 'leave' - when your boss said 'better if you quit' - better for them - no paperwork. With your skills, I doubt you would have any problem finding employment if needed.

JanetLee said...

Anon - most of the nursing positions I looked at in Flagstaff said "Spanish preferred" leading me to believe a bilingual applicant would be favored over one who knows very little Spanish.