Sunday, August 31, 2008

Loki Sunday

The other day, I dropped off a prescription given to me in advance of a procedure I am having next week. I went about my errands for the morning and stopped back by the pharmacy when I was done.

I took my few other purchases to the counter and told the girl I had a prescription to pick up and my name.

A moment later, she plopped down a gallon jug in front of me. "You're kidding!" I said.

All the old people waiting laughed at me.


Loki sez: What flavor pack did you get? Tuna?


Anonymous said...

did they tell you that you have at least 2 other "more pleasant" options??? Pam

JanetLee said...

I know! I begged the doc, but he "only" uses this method, says it gives the best results.

My mom told me she'd put me on her church prayer list for the day of the procedure, I told her to change it to the day before!

Anonymous said...


Pat said...

Guess we know what procedure you're having done. I had to go through the prep three times to get it "right". Ick! Why can't they make it taste like Coke? (That might finally break my soda addiction.)