Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All I Want Is to Sleep Through the Night Without Having to Blow My Nose

I moved one step closer in my continuing project to make the bedroom as allergen-free as is possible with two feline saliva dander and hair shedding fur balls roaming the premises. I've already rid the bed of the skirt and excess fancy stuff. Yesterday I ripped down the full length double curtain sets and put up some simple blinds than can be dusted slightly more frequently than I washed the curtains. When I can afford it, I want to get this platform bed and these side tables and move the giant dust bunny of a wicker hutch out of there.

I also about broke my arm. See, the kittens were in the laundry room, sleeping like they do.
After tearing down the double window curtains and tossing them on the floor (and discovering that my tendency towards sloppiness paid off in having forgotten to take down the hardware from the set of blinds I replaced with the curtains, so all I had to do was put the new blinds up), I found an embarrassing amount of dust, so I went to get something to clean it up with. I walked to the kitchen, got the cleaner, walked back to the room and stepped on something
under the pile of curtains. So I did the little hop/scream/jump so that I wouldn't completely squash whatever it was that I stepped on so that I didn't have to drive a squished cat to Summerville with a broken hip. My broken hip, not his.

But I managed to go down without A)wrenching my newly healed back muscle out of place; B)breaking a hip; and C)squishing the ninja cat who I am beginning to believe has powers of invisibility.

I did knock my elbow pretty good and pulled a stomach muscle. A stomach muscle. How is that even possible? That's not even something you can brag about, although it was nice to get a little confirmation that there are still muscles under that quivering mound of blubber that has replaced my previously concave tummy.

Thor, as usual, is just fine.

Thor sez: Oh please, you wish there were two of me.

Bonus photo:
Grand Central Station, Sparrow style

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