Sunday, April 15, 2007

Random Madness

Thor's song:

Does your belly hang low? Can you drop it in a hole? Does it swing to and fro? Oh, does your belly hang low?

Loki's song:

I don't know you.

Silver Streak Update:

Since The Streak has become such a source of amusement for my family, friends and co-workers, and I am always striving to improve life on this planet through humor, especially at my own expense, may I present The Streak:

The Streak is currently approximately one inch. The goal is to reach a length of three inches. At that point, there will be a massive hair cutting ceremony and ta-da - I can end my twenty year love affair with Preference by Loreal. That, or I'll not be able to tolerate it and go running back to my beloved bottles of chemical youth.

1 comment:

Marcheline said...

I went running back after two weeks of "the streak", which for me is actually more like "the princess tiara", as it resides only across the frontal portion of the top of my head.

And I must say, I'm not sorry. Not one bit. I love my dark, shiny hair, even if it comes from a box now. I've even perfected the art of the loose-ponytail touchup, wherein the length of my hair is not re-dyed each time, only the offending roots.

Good luck with your project! Keep us posted with pictures!

- M