Wednesday, April 04, 2007

An Idea

SEATTLE, Washington (AP) -- A University of Washington researcher was shot to death in her office Monday morning by a former boyfriend who then turned the gun on himself, police said.

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- An Atlanta man fatally shot his ex-girlfriend Tuesday at the CNN Center complex in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, before being shot by a security officer, police said.

BARNESVILLE, Md. - A mother found the bodies of her two young children and their father in a wooded area Tuesday after the man called her threatening to harm them, police said.

On the heels of the two Monck's Corner police officers being killed responding to a domestic disturbance, these stories seemed to jump out at me, reminding me of how little progress we have made in the thirty years since domestic abuse was dragged from its closet of shame.

There is better education. There are better laws. But still the mayhem continues with women and children bearing the brunt of the violence.

Then an idea came to me. Now, I'm not the smartest person in the world, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this hasn't been thought of before, but here is what I thought.

We have been reviewing new security systems for the nursery where I work. There is one system that has a feature where the baby and the mom have bracelets that are linked via the computer monitoring system. If the wrong baby is brought too close to the wrong mother, the alarm sounds.

So I thought, why can't we do something like that with men who have restraining orders against them? Put a bracelet on him (like the house arrest ones), put a bracelet on the woman and if he gets too close to her, he gets zapped with a Taser-like discharge from his bracelet. This would allow the woman time to get to safety or call the police. It would also be safer for the police responding, to find a partially incapacitated violator of the law rather than an out of control, possibly gun wielding man.

Woman, children, police officers safe. The end.

Thor sez: I vote we drag them away by their short hairs and toss them in the hoose-gow forever!


Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

That is an excellent idea! Of course, then you'd have those hoity-toity people crying cruelty for tasering a person.

Personally, I'd rather the ass be tasered than be allowed to get close enough to cause more harm.

I really like Thor's idea also. LOL

JanetLee said...

See, that is part of the beauty of it - the guy would be tasering HIMSELF! By violating the restraining order, he'd do it to himself.

Pat said...

I like it! Have you sent it to a congressperson to get the bill rolling?

Chris said...

That would be great! We've a guy in our area that will admit he knows he's breaking the protection order when he calls his family (his entire family wishes to have no contact with him). It'd be great if he could zap himself every time he called them.

Marcheline said...

The only thing that will make the prohibitive part of this idea work in every case?

Attach the taser to his Wilson.

- M