Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Love Loki

All day yesterday, I was running about a 101 - 102 degree temperature. I spent most of the day curled up under blankets on sofzilla, alternately dozing, reading or flicking through channels. (Note: channel surfing plus dozing while feverish can lead to strange moments, i.e. coming back to semi-consciousness and becoming completely disoriented because you realize you cannot understand a word the man on the television is saying before realizing that it's the Spanish language channel.)

So, I was coughing and sniffling and shivering and sneezing and shuffling back and forth from sofzilla to kitchen for more cups of tea, and through it all, Loki was at my side.

He stretched out beside me within easy petting reach. If I was shivering, he would curl up on my lap. He purred and stretched and slept with his tongue hanging out to keep me amused.

He's a good cat.

Loki sez: Yeah, I'm pretty great.

Why I love Thor In Spite of the Bra Thing:

He sleeps like a dog.


joan said...

A`Therapy Cat? :)
Hope you feel better.

Pat said...

And why do they always pull their tongues back in before we can snap the shot?

Cute pics, Janet. Ditto on Joan's "hope you feel better".

Heather said...

Feel better.

JanetLee said...

Thanks everyone! I'm better. Except for the overwhelming urge to rip my itchy runny sinuses out of my skull and/or eat benedryl like tic-tacs.

Marcheline said...

I'm with you on the whole sinus thing.... argh!

- M