Monday, April 30, 2007

My Personal Forest

Saturday, we ventured to Park Circle in North Charleston. We went, as good tree hugging loonie leftist liberals, to the Earth Day celebration. To learn all about conservation and ecology and stuff.

Not really, we went for the free trees. I already know most of the conservation stuff.

Free trees. Six of them to be exact. Six non-pine trees so my home owner's insurance company can't attempt to extort me for ruinous amounts of money unless I cut them down.

Two river birch. Two dogwoods. (I am such a BAD southerner, I have not a single dogwood in my yard, but I make up for it with my unnatural fondness for azaleas.) And two crape (crepe) myrtles, which were Jason's pick. We don't even know what kind they are. I guess it'll be a surprise next summer when they bloom.

Poor Jason got four of them planted that afternoon. Our back yard is 60% clay and 20% oak tree root and 20% hard packed earth undisturbed since the last ice age.

Our total tree planting for this year is now seven.

Take that you nasty developers!

Mr. Bluebird checking out the neighborhood, which includes a brand new bluebird house up for grabs.
(Um, that's the shed, not the house)


jaz said...

Mr. Bluebird sings, "T-i-i-i-i-in roof... rusted!"

With all respect to the fine people of the B-52s, of course.

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

How nice you got 4 of them planted. I know nothing about trees. However, when we buy a home, I plan on planting two trees for my angels. Got any recommendations?

JanetLee said...

Kaytee - I've always been fond of Bradford Pears. They have a great show of white flowers in spring, then the leaves grow in silvery at first, then to a bright green. In the fall, they turn red. Dogwoods are also nice, very pretty spring color. Any type of cherry tree will give you beautiful flowers.

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

Thank you, JanetLee. I'll look for those when we have our home. :)