Friday, April 06, 2007

It's Friday

Good Friday. That's the day my employer has deemed a holiday. Which means that all the management type people get a day off, but us poor slobs working nights and weekends get to work Easter without holiday pay.

It's back to work Friday. I'm starting a new cycle of six on, seven off. We'll see how the old broad holds up.

May I just say that I don't mind the wrinkle on my forehead. I don't mind the zit on my forehead. I do mind terribly the zit IN the wrinkle on my forehead. It just seems mockingly cruel.

This cold snap is probably my fault. I planted a patio tomato in my patio container. It just seems wrong that the day after my A/C guy came to do my pre-summer maintenance check, I had to turn on the heat. Wrong.

Random cat picture because I like it:

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Marcheline said...

Loki sez:

"It's really very inconvenient to have a window treatment where I'm trying to sit. Can you take care of this? And get me a bottle of Dasani?"