Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Lion and the Gazelle

When Loki was a wee little lion of only a few months of age, he awoke early from his morning nap and slunk down the hall, to the back room where he pounced from around the corner and was immediately struck a mighty blow to his ribs by an in-motion gazelle.

(Not a real gazelle, but one of those annoying Tony Little Gazelles. Not that the gazelle is annoying, except for the squeak it develops when I forget to oil it, but that Tony guy, he is annoying.)

In spite of this tremendous blow to his tiny little kitten ribs, Loki managed to run to the opposite end of the house and hide himself away in the cave of under-the-bed. He bravely endured an examination and graciously accepted many a tear-stained apology.

Tough little lion that he was, he was, of course, fine.

Because of this incident, the gazelle was moved to the back bedroom, behind a closed door, so that there would be no more accidental kitten crushings.

Two years go by.

Gazelle is located in left corner of room at end of the house. Whenever it is in use, Loki is located in right corner of room at the opposite end of the house.

Moral of the story?

Exercise is bad for your kitten's mental health.

Loki sez: I remember the wasp bite too.

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