Friday, August 31, 2007

Red Alert!

According to my latest copy of National Geographic, redheads - uh, natural redheads, will be extinct by 2100. Extinct! They are blaming this "age of global intermingling". You need a red gene from each parent and here we are just running around the globe hooking up with just anybody without a care to the plight of the redheads.

Jason was somewhat alarmed by the news. What is it about men and redheads? The rarity? The reputation? The "danger-Will-Robinson" reaction to the color red imprinted in our DNA? And danger=excitement?

What I find strange is how many redheads I know. I work with four natural redheads, complete with freckles. I have two natural redheads among my acquaintances. That is six. That I can think of right off hand. And there is, according to National Geo, only 2% in the world population.

Y'all better start hooking up with other redheads now. What kind of world would this be without the redheads? Bland and boring, that's what.

Thor sez: No redheads! That's scary!


Miz UV said...

I have a slight bit of natural red in my hair; hubby does not. Our children don't. OH NOES! I have contributed to the extinction.

Heather said...

I did my part.

It is worth it to note that there are more redheads in the south than in the midwest. I think it has to do with where immigrants settled Northern Europeans and Germans seem to dominate Minnesota and I could go a long time without seeing other redheads in my daily rounds.

Anonymous said...

Ya have a wee bit in ya, lass, from the wee bit of Scots in your great grandmother. So, ya need ta do ya part - sorry Jason, if ya really want to save the reds.

Anonymous Auntie

JanetLee said...

Auntie Anon - true, but not with these dried up old eggs. And with the Irish on my dad's side, you'd think that one of us would have popped out a redhead, but alas, no. Maybe the next generation.

Margo said...

Red is ravishing! :-) Three of my best friends have red hair. What does that say about moi?

Marcheline said...

As long as there is Miss Clairol, there will be redheads. Who needs freckles, anyway?

Kelly Love said...

I've got the red hair, and am occasionally attracted to male redheads (the Eric Stoltz kind, not the David Caruso kind...there is a difference between a redhead and a "ginger"), but sadly I do not plan on passing on my genes.

Marcheline said...

Kelly Love and Carrot Top sittin' in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-Geeeeeeeeee!


- M