Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon..

Actually, it's Tuesday morning, but the Moody Blues always comes to mind on Tuesday. Ask me why in person some day and I may tell you. But not putting that story out in the tubes of the internets, no sir-ree bob.

Reckless youth.

So I've been causing great distress to my GI tract, my blood pressure and my peace of mind by watching/reading the news lately. I've got to stop. Really. I used to be some what of a news junkie. But now, it just feels dirty to watch the news. There is no real reporting of facts, just manipulation of words to make something seem to be something depending on which side of the right/left divide the news agency stands.

And now they are calling me at home with that manipulation.

I answered the "unknown caller" the other day because I thought the phone number displayed on my caller ID might belong to someone I would want to answer. But no. It was some robot lady telling me that "most parents and grandparents" in America thought that the rating systems for movies was becoming too lenient and more questionable material was being allowed. Did I agree with that?

Well, I guess so.

Now, here is where is gets fun. Robot lady went on to tell me that since we all knew that "Hollywood values" were not compatible with "American family values" that we had to take a stand to censor (okay, she didn't use that word, but that is what she meant, I mean, was programmed to imply) what "they" were "allowed" to put in movies.

Um. Okay. Here is my American family value: if I had any questions or doubts about any movie or CD or video game that my child wanted to see/hear/play, I saw/listened/researched it myself. And if I didn't feel it was appropriate for MY child, I told him (insert gasps here) NO.
If he threw a fit or was mad at me, I (insert gasps here) held my ground.

Parenting is a benign dictatorship, people, not a democracy.

I did not expect a group of strangers to put a label on something for me. How do they know what is appropriate for my child? They don't.

And this whole backlash against the entertainment industry is just another example of parental laziness, of parental spinelessness. Parents don't want to be the meanie, they don't want to be the bad guy. Oh, honey angel, it isn't Mommy's fault you can't see that movie, some stranger said it was PG-13.

Why do you need back-up for your parental decisions?

Grow a spine and take responsibility for parenting your child.

I told robot lady this, but she wasn't interested in what I had to say. Her programming politely paused until I finished talking, then continued on with her prepared script. Quite uninterested in what my opinion was, convinced that I agreed with her because it was "for the children".

And that is how I feel this morning. Isolated. Adrift. Tired of listening to the drone of robots.

Loki sez: C'mere so I can smack ya!
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Miz UV said...

I totally agree with you! My "rating system" didn't focus on sex or four-letter words, but I didn't want my kids to be subjected to a lot of graphically violent scenes or horror. And whether or not strangers agreed with that was irrelevant.

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

Oh man do I agree with you! My kids watch whatever I feel they can handle. Not what society deems appropriate. My kids have watched all the Austin Powers movies. They're watched some comedies rated PG13. They actually watch the shows I watch on Court TV. I know my kids. I know what they can handle. I don't give a rats ass what "critics" deem acceptable for my children. Hell most Disney movies have some humor aimed at adults. They most always have a one parent home situation. All have violence of some type. Yet they're supposed to be acceptable?
I think when it comes to movies, I'd much rather decide for myself than have someone (who probably doesn't even have kids) decide for me.

I'm with Loki. LOL

Margo said...

Along the same lines... The current toys in the Burger King kids meals: The Simpsons Movie characters. hmmmmmm?? I haven't seen the Simpsons in ages, but I can remember them being rather crude when they were on TV.

JanetLee said...

Margo - I never got this Simpson's thing - it is not and never has been a children's show. People just thought so because it was a cartoon. Used to drive me crazy that people would complain about it not being appropriate for children.

Margo said...

I'm right with ya!