Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm not Waiting on a Lady

I'm just waiting on the cable guy. Again. Because last week's cable guy couldn't fix the problem in the time allotted to him. So I had to get an appointment with another cable guy whose job it is to fix problems like mine. Which is, as far as I can tell, that I need new cable run.

I suppose it is progress that Comcast now gives you a three hour window of when they might show up. And so far, they have shown up in that window. Used to be an all day sort of thing - between 9 and 5. Then it went to four hours.

But this is cutting in to my prime napping hours. For some reason, I am expected to show up at my place of employment at 11pm refreshed and ready to work until dawn.


I wonder if I counted the channels that I haven't been able to watch for the past three weeks, then figured out how much per channel per day I'm charged for, then subtract the amount of my "missing channels", I wonder if Comcast would think poorly of that. Because I'm not supposed to just pay for what I'm not getting while I wait for them to have someone available to fix my problem at their leisure, am I?

Oh? I am? Pay for service I'm not getting for over three weeks because they haven't been able to fix it?


(Imagine picture of Thor, looking very grumpy, here)
Thor sez: Go take a Midol and eat some chocolate!

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Margo said...

I was actually able to come up with a pretty accurate mental picture there!! Thor's so cute. ;-)