Thursday, August 16, 2007

To Calm the Feverish Muse

I was a teen of the 70's. And lingering still is my love of all things Zeppelin. Was it not I, who recently was politely asked by an office of the law to lower my radio volume whilst playing "Kashmir"?

So will you will perhaps understand my endless amusement with this production of The Immigrant Song.

But now I have access to this photoshop thing. And stuff. And a burning desire to have something to do besides paint my ceilings and caulk bathrooms.


pogren said...

As I was waiting to get my hair cut today I was looking at a magazine and there was an Iams cat food add in it.....I realized that the pictures you post are WAY cuter than anything in those ads...I really enjoy the phots and captions.....Pam from South Bend

Anonymous said...

They do have a tendency to rule the roost, don't they?!?!