Saturday, August 18, 2007

Houston, we have a problem.

Complete and utter failure.

Thor and Loki began attacking each other. Thor tried to attack the kitten. Loki turned on me and almost scratched me this morning when he heard Thor meowing in the hall.

I spoke with someone at the shelter and learned that litter mates, as Thor and Loki are, rarely ever allow an outside cat to come in to a house. All the years I've been successfully integrating new cats into the household and I never knew that. Of course, I've never had litter mates before.

So after many tears and many hateful things said to myself, I took wee little Fred back so that he would have a chance to be adopted into a safer home. This situation was unsafe for him, for Thor and Loki and even for Jason and myself.

If you want a darling little sweetie who loves to purr and snuggle and has a bit of sass, he's there for the adopting.

I'm going to to cry until I throw up now.

Then begin the Thor/Loki reunification process. Again.

I feel like shit.


pogren said...

I am sooooooo sorry to hear that.
Pam, South Bend

Saphyre Rose said...

I am so sorry to hear about that.
I guess Loki and Thor are very territorial.
I must wonder though if they wouldn't of gotten accustomed to the new cat if given enough time.
BUT, I only know the canine psyche.
A pack mentality, Alpha and Omega really exist in a dog's world.

Here is a cyber hug for you (((HUG)))

JanetLee said...

Thanks! This was more than the usual getting to know you spats. I've had at least twelve cats over the last 20 something years and all were brought in one at a time as another died.

We went through a version of this last April when a cat tried to come in the door and it took us over three weeks to get Thor and Loki back to being brothers.

I just didn't want to see the kitten hurt and/or traumatized to the point where it would hurt his chances for re-adoption. The lady at the shelter said he was going right back to the adoption room and would probably be gone to a new home by Monday. Hopefully a much safer home.

Margo said...

Oh, Janet, I'm so sorry. You made the right call though. I know that doesn't make it easier. Kitty will find a good home. Consider yourself hugged.

Marcheline said...

Hey JL -

Sorry I'm late with my sympathy here, I've been slogging around feeling sorry for myself for being out of work. How sad for you, giving up your kitten!

My sister and her husband had two cats, brothers, that also went through the same weird behavior that yours are going through.

I hope you're able to get them through it successfully and soon.


- M