Friday, August 10, 2007

Password Fatigue

Way back in the old days when this whole computer stuff was just getting started, we were warned repeatedly in the most dire tones to never write down your password, always memorize it and never divulge it to anyone. And it should be some random letters and numbers tossed together to make it even harder for the forces of evil to guess as to what it might be. And if you had more than one password, don't have them be anything even remotely similar.

Yeah, right buddy.

Maybe back in the day.

At work, I have five or six user name/password combinations. And to make it fun, each of the user names is in a different order and/or cuts off my name on a different letter. And I have to change the password every three months or so.

At home, I have at least eight that I can sit here and remember off the top of my head.

That is up to 14 different user name/password combinations. And I'm not supposed to write these down anywhere?

Are you insane?

I can't remember why I walk from one room to another! I open the fridge and have no idea why. I call my son by my brother's name. I call Thor Loki and Loki Thor. Hell, just yesterday I called Thor Jason!

I don't care. They are written down. Somewhere. If I could just remember where I hid the list...

Why I should get a kitten (or two):
I like kittens.
I've always had more than three cats at a time.
I could give him(them) a very good home.

Why I shouldn't get a kitten (or two):
Look what happened when Thor sniffed White Cat.
Extra litter box.

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Patrick said...

Password Fatigue! Perfect name for the condition! I'm going to start using that myself when I talk to my IT people at work.

I've raised the same complaints to them, and explained that because every credit card, utility and internet site I frequent requires a username and password, I have to write those down SOMEWHERE just to keep up with them. Now, my work's policy not only requires us to change our password every few months, but they now require an extra level of security: there must be at least one number AND at least one "special character" like # or $ or @!

I told the IT people that there's no way that I can keep track of it without writing down. Hope they're okay with that. (But I don't really care if they aren't.) :)