Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It's hot. I know. It's August. For our newcomers and visitors, August is the only month in which it is socially acceptable to complain and the heat and/or humidity.

But in spite of this, yesterday I snuck out of the house (because some people don't think I should be doing such things) to wash the front of the house. It's pretty gruesome out there, people, I'm telling you. I'm ashamed of the amount of dirt and mildew that I allowed to accumulate.

And why oh why would I choose one of the hottest days for this chore?

Playing with the hose, of course!

We all did it, set up the sprinkler to jump through or if you were lucky, you had a Slip-N-Slide. We would play a version of tag, where the object was to get the person holding the hose.

So what better day to put on the old clothes and go out and get soaked to the skin (not to mention scare the cats by spraying the window)?

But you haven't missed out, it's gonna be a scorcher today. Go play with the hose. Going to water parks don't count, you gotta be out in your yard, making and squishing mud between your toes and making up your own games. Go sit on the swing and (quickly) eat an ice cream sandwich. Have a water balloon fight.

Be a kid for a little while. It's fun.

Thor sez: You are insane. Bring me a fan. And some tuna.


Margo said...

I haven't done that in years, but it's way too hot for that sort of frolicking! ;-) I'm a wimp.

Marcheline said...

I like this post. And I agree with Thor. As long as the can of tuna was in the refrigerator.