Monday, August 27, 2007

Tell Me Why

I don't like Mondays.

Probably because of thunder storms passing through, seems like the entire tri-county area had their sleep disturbed at two a.m. this morning.

My poor brain, once awakened, kicked in to night shift mode and decided that I was supposed to be awake and alert and tending to babies. It took me until almost six a.m. to convince it otherwise.

Then, once asleep, brain thought that it had worked all night and imposed a coma until almost noon.

Can you say: my plans for the day were pretty much shot? I thought you could. I don't go anywhere on Highway 61 after noon. Period.

It isn't that much of a problem, since I do have to return to work tonight, but it does mean The Great Foot Pedal Disaster of 2007 will remain unresolved until at least the end of the week, probably next week. I'm not very optimistic about this latest break down. This poor pedal has been repaired at least three times now. I'm not sure if there is a fourth life there. And it is next to impossible to find a foot pedal for a 1964-ish sewing machine. Which upsets me because the machine itself is in perfect working order and it has HUGE sentimental value to me and since I'm pretty much an idiot when it comes to anything mechanical, it is the only sewing machine I know how to use.

Anyone out there have a foot pedal for a 411-G Singer Sewing machine? Circa 1964?

Yesterday, Jason took a bunch of pictures of Loki playing his (and Thor's) favorite game, "Chase the Stick". Some of them are super fantastic, okay, most of them are, but I really liked this uncropped shot because of all the elements. There is Thor in the background, looking disgruntled because it's Loki's turn. There is my foot twisted out of the way so I don't get a claw sunk in my flesh during the hunting frenzy. And there is Loki, doing what always cracks me up, rolling over in two parts, first the top, then the fat belly slowly giving up to momentum.

I know, it's sad how easily amused I am.


Anonymous said...

Try e-bay - may have to buy the whole machine but look at all the spare parts you will get:

Marcheline said...

Drat - anonymous beat me to it! I was just coming here to post that same URL for the sewing machine!

Hint: Always try ebay for any weird thing you think you'll never be able to find!

Good luck!!!

- M

JanetLee said...

Thanks y'all. Jason did an eBay search first thing, so I don't know how he missed this. Probably looking (like I told him) for just a foot pedal.

We've got this on the watch list.