Thursday, August 09, 2007


Those who know me, know that I live with a certain simplicity. I wear simple clothes. I live in a simple house which is simply decorated. I drive a simple car.

So it was with that delicious sense of decadence that I accompanied Jason downtown yesterday (how hot was it? There was NO line at Jestine's Kitchen!). Our destination: The shops at the Charleston Palace, King Joe's shining jewel.

Our purchase:

What is it?

Loki sez: A new toy for me?

No, dear Loki, it is an iSqueez.
What is an iSqueez you may ask?
Sheer joy with a plug, I say:

A foot massager, you ask? Oh no, grasshopper, this is not your average foot massager. It vibrates, it has rollers that knead your poor tired and sore dogs, it squeezes your aching calves.

It freaks out the kittens.
Loki sez: Laser eyes on.

I can't wait to come home after a long 12 1/2 hour shift and treat my poor old nurse tootsies.

Thor sez: I have a fort.


Marcheline said...

Excellent, excellent! But... how much does it COST? I have to know how long to save up. Or how soon to get another job.... since I quit mine yesterday.


- M

JanetLee said...
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JanetLee said...

Geeze, some day I'll learn to spell.

M- it was about $450 with tax. I would never have bought one myself, but we went halvsies on it.

And I agree with you about your job. Life is too short to put up with mean people.

pogren said...

I always LOVE you kitty photos...but apparetntly it is time for me to wear my reading glasses for the monitor screen too....I thought it said "I've got a fart....not I've got a fort....I got a smile and a laugh....when I figured it out!!! Thanks

Miz UV said...

Nice! Enjoy. I love the pics of the two kitties staring out suspiciously.

Margo said...

That sure beats rolling your foot on top of a golf ball!! I'm jealous.