Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Zombie Shuffle

That's me. Just woke up for my second 12 hour night shift. Coffee is needed. Oh, and coffee filters - can we talk? Were they invented by some caffeine hating Mormon or something? Why, when people are at their least efficient, gritty eyed, slack jawed and drooling, do they think we have the motor skills to peel apart onion skin thin layers of paper?

But then I was given the baby news. Heather, girl, I've got my fingers crossed for you. I really hope all goes well.

Then Jason told me about a "really ugly" kitten he saw at the John Ancrum SPCA today. I'll have to go tomorrow afternoon and behold the ugliness of this poor feline. Okay, okay. It's a sort of joke. Jason pronounces every kitten I point out as "ugly" as his way of inoculation against my raging kitten fever.

So there might be two new babies in blogland tomorrow. But I'll bet mine is toilet trained first!

His Royal Boredness may have a new toy soon!


Saphyre Rose said...

I nearly had a new kitten of my own today. Summer got out and I found her (with a bit of help) with a what looked like to me a newborn kitten under her paw.
I have no idea where this kitten came from. We have a lot of wildcats here are the apartment buildings.
I had left it with the man who helped me find Summer...but I have worried about it all night now. Away from momma, that kitten is going to die and I don't know what to do about it.
I hope Loki and Thor will have fun with their new toy.

Marcheline said...

I walked out of the grocery store the other day and there was this teenage girl standing by the exit door, with a carry cage, a bowl of water, and a tiny little black kitten.

I averted my gaze and quickly ran to my truck, threw the groceries inside and squealed out of the parking lot to prevent myself from inquiring if the little bugger was up for adoption.

I am that weak - just the mere proximity would be enough for me to say "sure, I'll take him home!"

Marcheline said...

I meant, you know, my truck tires squealed. I didn't drive out of the parking lot going "SQUEEEEEEEEEE!" with my mouth or anything.

Just in case that's what you thought.

JanetLee said...

M- you made me laugh so hard that I almost got caught reading blogs at work. Ooops.