Saturday, September 01, 2007


No, not the math kind. The political kind. Will some one please send Mitt Romney the email that the American public is sick of hatred and division?

Now, to be fair, I only caught the tail end of his statement that (paraphrasing) "America has a choice, we can either take a sharp turn to the left or uphold traditional American values."

Mitt. You better get down on your knees and thank all those left turning liberals who fifty years ago began with the Civil Rights movement that led to the Women's Rights movement, which led to the Gay Rights movement, because without the loosening of the male WASP strangle hold on all the rights and privileges in America, your Mormon self wouldn't stand a chance running for dogcatcher outside of Utah, much less President of this country. Look at the hell good old traditional values Americans gave JFK because he was Catholic. You think you have right wing Americans to thank for your ability to have your outside mainstream religion only be a minor factor in your race for President? No, you have us, the liberals, to thank for that.

And last I looked, we leftie loonie liberals do believe in "American Values". The difference is that we believe in them for everyone.

So quit trying to divide this country.

Thor sez: I thought we made this clear in the last elections.


Pat said...

Hear, hear! Well said, Janet!

Saphyre Rose said...

Bloody well said!
Personally I think Ron Paul has my vote. Anyone who wants to get rid of the IRS is OK in my book!
I bet Romney would like to get America back on the right path of one religion as well.