Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Can I go back to bed now?

I awoke bright and early this morning -0400- to escort my mother to the airport for her 0600 flight. Eventually she will land in Orlando, where she has been instructed to kick my elder brother in the shins for: A) booking a six-freaking-a.m. flight, and B) booking such a cheap ass flight then putting his mother in coach! Hell, if the thingie would have taken my credit card, I could have upgraded her to first class for less than a $100!

Less than a hundred dollars!

Cheap ass.

Ah, but that's the lack of sleep and coffee speaking. Dear brother is, after all, treating mom to an all expense-paid trip to Disney World.

A place I have sworn never to return to with any child under the age of 30 ever again. Spend four days there with an attention deficit five year old and a hyperactive 6 year old. Spend four days saying, "Danny come back, Nicolas, get down." Oh, and in July, when the temperature was hovering around 99. Not to mention that I had one of my episodes of "idiopathic transient allopecia" (translation: patches of hair would fall out for no discernible reason and grow back in with no problem). Problem was, this one was on my right eyebrow, dead in the center, so I had, essentially, three eyebrows. You try to pencil in a complete gap in your eyebrows in 99 degree humid weather. Yeah, buddy, just stare, I got three eyebrows.

I wouldn't mind going to see the Animal World or whatever it is called and go through Epcot again, but it is far down on my list of sights to see before I die.

Speaking of which, I found tons - well two - dinosaur things to do in the Moab area, so I have met my requirements for a return to the desert mountains trip.

Thor sez: Tell me, will there be live dinosaurs? I would like to hunt a dinosaur.


joan said...

Ha! I don't think there is any difference in first class on small local flights. On my last flight the lady next to me asked if the seat in front of us was empty so she could stretch out. When she did, the steward told her she had been upgraded and gave her the $5 bag of cashews for free. That was the only difference. Those would have been some expensive nuts!

pogren said...

My husband had a business conf. last year held near Disney so we went there one afternoon and evening ...... we had no children or grandchildren with us....after about 2 hours we looked at each other and said "isn't this supposed to be the happiest place on earth?" People screaming at their kids, people threatening their kids.....it seemed especailly bad with the really young children....I wanted to say "try getting down on your knees, where you can't see anything but grown-ups legs,,,,,it is hot.....they have to take 2 steps for everyone of ours..... OH!! I felt sooooo sorry for those little ones!! Pam, South Bend

Saphyre Rose said...

Never, never, NEVER would I take a kid of mine or anyone else to Disney World again!
I used to live in Florida, about an hour from 'the happiest place on earth', BAH!
My son was about 6-7 that year,his birthday was in July.
He saw Mickey Mouse and Goofy "bit" him in the head, I thought the kid was going to tear Goofy's head off! He was so frightened by the thing.
then we went to Space Mountain, I was with friends so one of the group who was afraid of coasters watched the kids while the adults thought we could do the ride...."45 minutes from point" actually means and hour or more, then they shut it down for a maintenance thing!
We were hot, tired and HAD to go back after the kids who were having a blast on the teacups and riding the trains.
When I suggested to go through Tomorrowland on the moving sidewalk thing the screams were ear shattering! Fortunately for my child he knew when his mom reached her limit and we went for $15 ice cream before heading to Epcot.

I do not know how the grown ups get any shopping done at Epcot when the stores are overfilled with strollers, screaming children (I WANT that!!!!) and senior citizens buying their grandkids with stuff to take home!

No, never again...of course, I have made a solemn promise to myself never to step foot into Florida again. My mom-in-law had retired down there and I told Lee, if she passes away, you are going alone to the funeral!
Fortunately, she had enough of the furnace like heat of the African veld and decided to move back to New England.
I understand your angst against "The happiest place on earth"

Margo said...

under the age of 30!! LOL