Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Yesterday, Jason sent me a link to a story about the differing brains of liberals and conservatives.

I read it and gave it the passing "That's interesting" and filed it away under 'people who think the murky depths of human personality can be neatly charted'.

When Jason got home, he brought it up again, and we had a nice little discussion about what it could possibly mean. What we decided was that like Mick Jagger (the real one, not the guinea pig) needs Keith Richards, like Paul McCartney needed John Lennon, perhaps human civilization needs both.

See, according to Jason, Mick Jagger was always looking for the new "big thing" in music, always striving to stay fresh and try new sounds while Keith Richards was steadfast in his belief that they stay true to their roots in the blues and rock.

It was much the same with John Lennon and Paul McCartney. John was wanting to get radical and political, while Paul wanted to stay with their original style.

The push and pull between each of these pairs is what kept their music alive, yet didn't let it stray too far a field that their fans didn't recognize it.

But what about human civilization? Well, at least here in America, there has almost always been the two sides, renamed over the years to settle for now on conservatives and liberals. And the two opposing view points acted as a check and balance system. The liberals pushing forward, wanting to try new things. The conservatives hanging back, not wanting to rock the boat.

And that used to be a good thing. We as a nation moved forward steadily and cautiously. The two sides worked together.

But all that seems to have changed in the past 20 years or so. We've lost the balance and become instead stuck on our respective sides of the fence, tossing insults and pointing fingers at the other side, blaming each other for the grid-lock which has seized our government.

But really, the gridlock isn't because we have two viewpoints, it's that each side has lost the ability to find common ground.

Thor sez: I'm not talking to you until you agree with me.
Loki sez: Me either!

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