Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Girl Stuff

"So, you're here for your 50,000 mile tune-up?" said my wonderful family practice doc this morning.

Yep, pop the hood, kick the tires time.

People, well, women, please go get your pap smears and mammograms. It is so important.

And oh for the days when I'd run in, get checked and be on my way. No, now we have to discuss my HDL and my LDL and my anemia. We have to discuss my weight and my scale vs. her scale. I get the yearly "you're probably not that fertile anymore, anyway" lecture. I get told to exercise more.

It's fun to discuss exactly how your body is falling apart.

And is it only me, or does anyone else shave their legs pre-physical with attention to detail that we don't even give to shaving pre-romantic date? Like seeing a stray hair on the back of my leg is the worse thing the doc is gonna look at?

Loki sez: Did you get a shot? Because I had to get TWO shots at my physical!


Saphyre Rose said...

Yes I do shave my legs prior to a physical...in fact I shave my legs higher than when I did go on such things as romantic dates!
That was pre-Lee who thinks that women shaving their legs are being silly. After all, who cares about a bit of hair?
Now excuse me, I have an appointment in Atlanta tomorrow, I have to go shave the poodles under my arms!

Margo said...

I have my yearly next month and you can gar-un-tee my legs will be as smoooooth as a babies bottom!