Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thor is part dog.

When you work on the night shift, you live your life differently than the "normals". Basically, it is a matter of creating a routine and sticking to it.

Some times Jason has to work the next morning, so he goes to bed before I leave for work. On those nights, I hang my work clothes in the front bathroom so I can change into my scrubs right before I leave the house. (Otherwise I go to work covered in cat fur, even with my newly acquired Dyson vacuuming habit, you can get cat fur on you just by driving by my house.)

Sunday night, I am, per my routine, doing my anti-Alzheimer's exercises (playing Spider Solitaire or Bookworm) when I realize that I've let time slip away and it is fifteen minutes before eleven. I rush to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and find this:

That is my bra strap. Chewed in half. I now have ten minutes before my shift begins. It is at least a ten minute drive + walking tour of the entire hospital to get to my unit. Getting another bra will involve turning on lights, waking Jason and a five minute search through the collection of "too small", "too big", "too tight", "makes my boobs look pointy" bras. On the other hand, I did have a tee-shirt to wear under my scrub top since it was going to be below freezing that night. So I went upper commando.

The next morning, I confronted Thor with the evidence.

Thor sez: I'd like a lawyer.


Marcheline said...

Methinks Thor sez: "I'd like another go at that!"

*snort* - ha!

- M

Kelly Love said...

A CAT chewed an article of clothing like that? A CAT? Are you sure he's a cat? Cats do not gnaw.

I think the evidence points to Jason.

JanetLee said...

M- he did indeed want to play with it some more.

KLo- I swear the cat is part dog. He's gnawed through things before. Plus, Jason was asleep, Loki was on my lap and Mick the guinea pig was in his cage at the time of the incident. And Thor was found at the scene of the crime.

Marcheline said...

Whoever thinks that cats do not gnaw has never set down an empty cardboard box (with open flaps) in front of their cats.

And yes, people who infantilize their kids are doing them no service whatsoever. I think that by trying to make their kids' crimes "okay", they are trying to whitewash their own, by proxy.

Sort of like the mother who always wanted to be pretty forcing her daughter to enter beauty contests, only in reverse.

- M

Marcheline said...

Sorry, meant to put that last bit on the post above...


- M

JanetLee said...

M- I just gave Loki a new box to "eat".

Dan said...

I've decided that our cat, Freak Boy, isn't really a cat at all. He's just a really moody dog.