Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beautiful Day

I awoke this afternoon to beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine and Jason raking leaves in the back yard. I was so totally jealous. While everyone got to go out and play and have fun and enjoy the five days of spring we will have before the mercury hits the 90's with matching humidity levels, I was asleep.

I so wanted to go play out in the yard. Get my nose and neck and forearms all sunburned. I wanted to get my fingernails dirty and sweat and swat at mosquitoes. I wanted to take a barren little corner of the yard and turn it into something beautiful.

But I slept the day away.

Kitten picture make it all better:

The other night the raccoon(s) got in the garbage can. So the next day I went out to clean up the remains of the party. Walking along the path to the creek, I found a bread wrapper, a sliced swiss cheese wrapper and by the water's edge one of them fancy boxed soup boxes. Looks like the big raccoon party was soup and sammies!

Loki sez: You are aware that this is not proper cat attire?

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