Monday, March 12, 2007

Lions in the Living Room

Have you seen the new Taco Hell commercials? The ones with the two lions chilling under a tree on the African plains, watching some people and talking about how to roll their r's to pronounce whatever monstrosity of "food" that is being advertised?

It cracks me up because all I can think of is, "that's how Thor and Loki see themselves".

When they are perched up in the window, watching the birds, squirrels and lizards, in their minds they are the supreme beasts, the mighty hunter lions who could lay waste to entire flocks of birds, who could decimate the local squirrel population, who could drive the lizards to extinction........if only mom would let them go outside.

Thor sez: I could take that mockingbird. One jump. I'd grab him and bite him and he'd be gone in two bites.
Loki sez: Oh yeah? I'd swallow that squirrel in one piece!
Thor sez: (looking at Loki's belly) Looks like you already did.

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Marcheline said...


(E-coli aside)

Seriously, a grilled stuft chicken burrito and a nacho bell grande, with a swimming-pool sized mountain dew....

By the way, we have Taco Smell to thank for getting "the dew" above the Mason/Dixon line. Before they showed up, you could only get that particular rotgut down south!


- M