Sunday, March 04, 2007


Mean people reveal who they truly are. At some point, the mask they wear slips and with a word or a deed, their true core is revealed.

Sometimes it is an entire group that allows the mask to fall.

Anne Coulter calling John Edwards the "F" word is not a surprise. She is not a good person.

No, it was the conservative Christians in the audience who applauded who let the mask slip. The followers of Jesus, the man who preached love and compassion, they applauded her statement.

You cannot claim the love of God while applauding the speech of hatred.

Thor sez: That makes my tummy hurt.


Audra said...

so true, so true, so sadly true...

Marcheline said...

That was very well put, and I heartily concur.

- M

Pat said...

Sounds like a good tattoo for their foreheads!