Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blatant Product Endorsement

Whenever I am finishing up a string of night shifts and only want to take a few hours nap so that I may once again sleep in the dark like a normal, I let the kittens sleep in the bed with me.

Because they are such lousy bed-mates, there is not a chance I will sleep much at all, much less beyond the second smack of the snooze button.

But, I do attempt to ensure that at their pre-mid-morning nap, they are a little more sleepy than usual.

By drugging them. Yes. The nip. You parents out there know, a little mild sedative every once and again never did no harm. Now, I know you can't admit it because your babies are, well, human, but I find no such guilt in a liberal dosage of the nip. Which leads to rambunctiousness and epic battles, then off to extra-sleepy land.

I've discussed nip here before and let me tell you: all nip is not created equal. First there is home-grown (which I am working on, it's just soon for harvesting) and then there is the Cosmic Cat Nip (you should read that and hear that voice from The Muppet Show: PIGS! IN! SPACE!

Read it again: COSMIC! CAT! NIP!

They seem to enjoy even the empty container.

And abra-ca-dabra one hour later:

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Marcheline said...

Egads, THAT is funny stuff!

That last picture is a scream... in my mind, I keep seeing the kitties cut out and pasted into a picture of deep space... as if they are floating in a non-gravitational field.


- M