Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Random Thoughts on a Wednesday

I hate insomnia.

If your water pressure drops today, I'm sorry, it'll be my fault as I literally have a (laundry) room full of laundry that I am attempting to get through.

I think there should be a ban on people being 'outraged' for at least a year. Can we be irritated instead? Being outraged all the time is such a drain on the emotional energy.

Freezing your daily dose of fish oil (personally, I prefer cold water salmon oil) cuts down on the nasty fish burps.

Yes, I know I have an inch of gray hair showing at my roots. I'm growing it out to cut all the dye off so I can see what is going on under there. It's an ugly process, but thanks for pointing it out.

It is official that Thor is the strangest cat on the planet. His new favorite thing of all time? To be 'rolled' with the lint roller. You know, the backwards tape thingie? That, and his strange affinity for anything rodent.


or unreal

makes no difference to Thor.

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