Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm sorry...

Oh the love of a mother!

Two young women, age 18 and 19, don sunglasses, enter a bank, steal a "considerable" amount of money, lead police on a car chase for about twenty miles and are arrested.

The mother of the 18 year old said her daughter is sorry. I'll bet she is. Sorry she got caught. Sorry she landed in a pile of shit that mommy can't talk/excuse her out of. I'd laid down good money that this mother has been rescuing and excusing her daughter's behavior all her life.

Mom also says her daughter "isn't a bandit, she just fell in with the wrong crowd and made a bad choice."

Bank robbing is a choice? As opposed to what? Shoplifting? Murder? Carjacking? "Choosing" to participate in a bank robbery isn't something that a previously upstanding citizen does.

Mom also states that these criminals are just "little girls".

Way to infantalize your adult daughter there, Mom.

This is part of the fallout of the installation of false self-esteem in children in this country. We smooth over and excuse children from every 'wrong' thing they do (oh, Junior didn't shoplift that candy bar, he just forgot he put it in his pocket.) If there are no consequences for bad behavior, then what is the impetus to not engage in it?

Small infractions lead to large infractions and having mommy or daddy swoop in to pat your head and tell you that it wasn't your fault, it was those icky people who made you do it, that you don't deserve punishment for what you've done because it was just little girls making a boo-boo is parenting at its worst.

It's so common now, it has a name: Helicopter Parents

Loki sez: You know it was all your fault that Thor ate your bra. He's just a little itty bitty kitten cat and you left it right out in plain sight.

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