Monday, December 12, 2005

Yesterday as I lay about suffering the woes of some mild food poisoning or a possible stomach flu, Jason went and bought a Christmas tree.

We decided to put it up in the back room for several reasons one of which being it is the only carpeted room in the house and vacuuming up pine needles is easier than getting them off hardwood floors. Plus, I hate that carpet and am planning to rip it all out next year, so who cares if the kittens spread pine sap all over it?

Jason got out a drill (one good thing about guys-they come equipped with power tools) and between the drill and the tree stand, that sucker ain't going nowhere. Well, maybe if all three of them got on one branch....

Thor was the first on the scene, sniffing like a bloodhound after a possum. Loki wasn't far behind. Sutu glanced, yawned, stretched, returned to his warm spot on the bed. He's been there, done that.

The kittens danced around, sniffing and chewing. Loki so much so that I began to wonder if pine sap had some toxicity level. You'd think that the taste would put him off at least. But, sigh, Loki, I fear, likes to eat. (Nine pounds!! At eight months of age! He is obese!)

They were surprisingly well behaved with it. Well, Thor tried to climb up in it, but he hasn't quite figured out how to do it yet. The biggest problem so far has been the water. Oh yes, the West Ashley Water Cats do love some flavored water. But again, I hate that rug, so who cares?

I'm beginning to think we might be able to put some select ornaments on it. I put out a test present this morning. Thor tried to chew on it once, but since then has left it alone. Dare I hope? I'm worried their supreme indifference this morning is but a ruse to get me to decorate and put out all the presents.

We shall see.

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