Monday, December 19, 2005

Loki raises up on hind feet and bats at the glass of the double window. His target? The birds sitting on the telephone lines outside.

Thor picks up (with his mouth) a feather-on-a-stick toy by the stick end and walks backwards in circles, watching the feather drag across the carpet until he can stand it no more and pounces.

Loki is so fat, he has to hop sideways down the staggered steps of the cat tree.

Thor comes running when you turn on the washing machine, hops up and bats at the water with his paw. (See below)

Sutu meows on demand. Say me-ow. Say maah. Say merph.

I'm cancelling my cable. Who needs it?

1 comment:

jaz said...

Janet, SMALLVILLE is on cable!!!! As is SUPERNATURAL!!!!

Hopefully, I reminded you in time.