Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Winter Solstice!

I have added another notch to my eccentricity belt by spending a few minutes staking out my feast for the animals. I even ventured into the marsh to set out paper plates (held in place with bamboo skewers) for the more shy creatures.

I'm hoping that the massive pile of dearly departed mourning dove (oh, doesn't that sound pretty? They are really just country pigeons) feathers by the back gate isn't some sort of negative karma. It wasn't any of my cats! 1) Sutu couldn't catch a dead bird, 2) Loki is afraid to go out ever since the wasp incident and 3) Thor would be too busy trying to run into the street to think about birds.

I suspect Lucy, the cat from across the street. But that's life in the wild, I suppose. I just wish she'd taken her prize home. Or maybe she did and Ms. Dot woke up one morning to find a nekkid dove on the front porch.

But I digress. Celebrate the solstice. Make something up if you must. It can be your little holiday before the holiday.

Oh and Happy Birthday Cousin Francine!

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