Monday, December 05, 2005

I was driving home from work this morning and while waiting at the five minute long red light, thought of something really funny to blog about.

I don't remember what it was now.

It's either Alzhiemers or night shift syndrome.

As I told one of my favorite pediatricians last week, "I'm a lot smarter by Tuesday!"

Night shift is unnatural. But I love it. I love the rhythm of the hospital at night. I love that every night shift crew I've been a part of has a special bond, a we-are-in-this-together attitude. That we are a little crazy and a little anal-retentive about doing a good job. It is a unique culture that simply being able to stay awake all night does not qualify you for membership in. I love that we discuss sleep with the same passion some reserve for sex. "Did you get any?" "Was is good?"

But it is hard on the brain cells. And me on Monday morning is a perfect example.
Now, I'm off to nap, saving my good sleeping time for my reversal of the biorhythms tonight.

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