Monday, December 26, 2005

I had a very practical Christmas this year. I asked for and received new pots and pans (really cool dark cherry red color - LOVE them) and new knives that are actually sharp.

My absolute favorite present though is a little Vincent Van Gogh doll. Now, I love Van Gogh. I have calendars, books and a framed copy (duh!) of The Starry Night over my writing desk. I designed the entire room around that picture.

So my little doll is a plush stuffed toy, all dressed in dark blue velvet with lots of fuzzy red hair and beard. Best thing though?

His ear comes off!

It is attached by velcro.

I love the sick mind that thought this up. I wish I could be so brilliant.
And even better there is an entire website of similiar sicko items. They are going to be getting a ton 'o my money.

I must have a tin of "National Embarassmints" with Duhh-bhya on the front.

And both a Darwin and a Monet doll for my mom.

The Axis of Evil III features Bushie, Condie, Rummy and Dickie. I'm thinking my aunt would like that.

There are also dolls of Schrodinger's Cat and Pavlov's Dog.

Oh hell, look for yourself.

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