Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Christmas tree survived the night. The electrical cord to the lights isn't where I left it, carefully (or perhaps not so carefully) hidden in the branches. The test-present is still intact. The snow-people are still on the entry way table. Hell, the Christmas cards are still propped up on the entertainment center!

We decided to go ahead and decorate the tree with lights and the glass bead garland that we have. Then I went through my ornaments and found one that I would risk putting on the tree. Jason had a few kitten safe ones and they went up too. We are going for the minimalist look this year.

I did put my Santa wreath on the front door, my only nod to outdoor decorating. I feel like the Grinch. The Griswolds, both left and right, once again can be seen from outer space. Three doors down is a flock of light reindeer grazing around a light Santa sled. Next door is the city of wreaths. Across the street, there are those nets of lights framing the porch. I've got nary a twinkle. You can't even see our tree in the window because it's in the back room.

Maybe next year. I really want a flock of pink flamingoes with either wreaths around their necks or antlers on their heads. I really do.

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