Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Today as I was searching every place where I might have put something so that I wouldn't forget where it was, I came across a printed out email that I wrote to Jason. It's dated July 5, so the kittens would have been just a bit over three months old.

I had put in the subject line: Why I need an afternoon nap.

"So, I'm in the shower and notice a movement behind the shower curtain liner. It's the dynamic duo. Thor has learned to open doors. I pull back the liner, hit them with some water and they leave.

So, I get out of the shower. Loki is in the bathroom sink. As I am removing him, I hear a noise from below. I put on my glasses and find Thor in the basket. I toss them both on the bed and shut the bathroom door.

So, I'm brushing my teeth and hear a strange clinky, rattle noise from the bedroom. I open the door. Loki is sitting on the lamp on the beside table as it goes from low, medium, high, off, low, medium, high, off. Strange noise is Thor, hanging from the nightstand, clinging the the alarm clock. As I toss Thor on the bed, the alarm clock falls but luckily, my foot saves it from damage. As I toss Loki on the bed, Thor runs in the bathroom, into the shower and starts licking the floor. (GROSS!!) As I get Thor out of the shower, Loki gets a peice of paper from the trash can and runs under the bed with it. As I get the paper away from Loki, Thor sits on the bedside lamp. Low, medium, high, off.

I toss Thor on the bed where he grabs my shirt and starts to carry it away. Sutu looks in, turns, leaves, muttering something about how if HE'D acted like that when HE was a kitten, HE would have gotten a spanking."

What's funny is I sort of miss mornings like that now.

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jaz said...

Yeah, how come you don't send me e-mails like that anymore?